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As a person who varies between claiming Lexington Kentucky and a Northern KY suburb in Greater Cincinnati as her hometown, this ranking was very interesting to me. It's a report showing that Lexington ranks ninth in the US with regard to people over the age of 25 with a bachelor's degree. And Cincinnati made the top 20 as well.

Clearly, Kentucky is not as backwards and ignorant as the people here seem to think it is.

I had twenty-two ounces of iced coffee for lunch. And I loved every second of drinking it. And now it's seven hours later and I am still jangly and shaking from the buzz. Clearly, I should just drink giant cups of decaf iced coffee.

Did you know it's National Delurking Week? Well, it is. So if you're reading, you ought to leave a comment. It's your duty.

mary's little life turned five years old last month. I find it very hard to believe. So, now we're reintroducing The Fine Print. There are so many things in the archives that make me cringe so hard...

Your delurking assignment -- how long have you been reading my page? Is there anyone left who saw the archives from most of 2001 before they were deleted? If I remember correctly, I had about eight readers at the time...

The Fine Print:
2005: This is the entry where Steady got his name. Also, I wore Emma's three-sizes-too-big shoes to work.

2004: "Last night I'd had five drinks, and spilled three quarters of another one, before eight thirty." This was just as things started getting really ugly at my last job in Kentucky.

2003: This seems to be during the whole car-school-mom-angst thing.

2002: Wow, this is a bad entry. It seems to be about the convoluted boy thing I had going on at the time. I couldn't make myself read it, but from what I skimmed, it's bad.

2001: It seems I deleted the entirety of January 2001.

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