{ Thursday, January 12, 2006 }

Bits and Pieces.

I am super tired tonight. I think that the illness which has been trying to get a good grip on me for the last ten days is finally winning. I can't write whole paragraphs. Be grateful for these sentences.

Could someone please explain to me why my cat scratches the walls instead of sharpening his claws on the furniture like a normal pet?

Our Christmas Tree is still up. We're classy.

I have not heard from one surprise "I have no idea who that person is" lurker during National De-Lurking Week. At least one random person sends me an e mail in a normal week. Have I met all of you already? Really?

My mother told me my tomatoes are failing to get ripe because it's not hot enough at night. Someone be google for me and tell me if that's true? If not, why are my tomatoes failing to ripen?

And that's about all I've got tonight. That and a raging stress or possibly illness induced headache. It feels like a hangover, but I haven't had any liquor since Sunday night and I got nine hours of sleep last night. And I ate dinner. So, it is definitely stress or illness.

The Fine Print:
2005: No entry. I was off having a new relationship and a visiting roommate. It involved staying out til all hours and being hungover a lot.

2004: No entry for January 11, 2004. There's a funny one for January 12. The night I went to Al's Bar and thought I might die there. But hopefully I'll update tomorrow.

2003: I remember back when no one believed I even had the potential deep inside me to cook a meal. I'm pretty good at churning out edible dinners now.

2002: Blah blah blah. This appears to be about my errands.

2001: Yep, still no January 2001 entries.

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