{ Tuesday, November 07, 2006 }


Well, today, day seven of NaBloPoMo, I nearly forgot. I just got up out of bed to come run and type out an entry.

We watched the election results come in on PBS. It wasn't quite Dan Rather, but it was full of folksy delight and low production values. Just a bipartisan table of men in suits being very cordial to each other and occasionally reading internet results from their laptops. It was nice. We suspect we were the only two people watching who weren't actually related to the five men at the table.

We've reached the point at which I go looking for prompts. And here we have one that I liked that's only three months old. "Take the most boring job you've ever had and write a glowing job description for it." I'm taking out the glowing part and writing more of an employment ad. Because it seems easier.

This is really a hybrid of two temp jobs I've had. One in college and one about four years ago. Both were actually at car dealerships.

Job Title: Receptionist/Accounting Clerk at Used Car Dealership

Have you ever dreamt of being the disembodied voice on the speakers at a car lot?

We have an immediate opening for a receptionist/accounting clerk.

Duties include: Answering the telephone all five times it rings during the day, light accounts payable and some inventory.

Successful candidate is not an independent thinker but can manage well with large stretches of unstructured time while tethered to the telephone. Successful candidate will not bring reading materials to work. No computer skills needed; terminal with proprietary software at workspace. No temptation to surf the internet during the workday!

Unmotivated dilly-dailiers encouraged to apply: we only have about 45 minutes of actual work for you on a daily basis!

Excellent phone skills are a must. Experience dealing with frustrated customers necessary.

Temp to hire will be considered. However, the payrate offered at conversion might be less than your unemployment check.

Apply now to be get in on the ground level of this completely overhauled office! All positions currently open as 80% of the staff was fired last week and the other 20% quit when asked to take a paycut. Health insurance may be offered down the line, 100% employee paid!

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