{ Sunday, February 12, 2006 }


I have a damned headache. Why? Because today I hit my head on the car door and it bounced off and the other side hit the car itself. Because I embody grace in my every movement.

Says the boyfriend: "If you know you're clumsy... why aren't you more... careful?"

Which is sort-of what inspired me to call Jeff today. Because that's exactly the sort of useful advice he gave me on a regular basis until like a year and a half ago when we just stopped communicating for a variety of complicated reasons mostly involving my ability to 1) get very angry and throw outrageous fits and 2) hold gigantic grudges and his ability to 1) not take my shit and 2) not be really great at, like, keeping in touch.

But I did call and I'm glad I did... except, that I just did The Fine Print and realized that I guess it's now twelve years? in a row that I've forgotten his birthday. Happy Belated Birthday, Jeff.

The garden is coming along really well. We had fried green tomatoes last weekend (? I think last weekend). Steady did not enjoy them. I did though. And the lettuce is probably ready to harvest. The spider plant is putting off shoots and soon I'll be able to fill my apartment with them. They're supposed to be good at cleaning the air. We need that.

The green peppers are taking their sweet time at growing, but they seem to be in another spurt. Hopefully this one will end with something edible, because really? Green peppers are the only vegetable that I am growing that we actually eat regularly around here.

The carrot civil war is really starting to heat up. (I planted them all in the middle of a pot and decided they could work it out for themselves how to share the root space.) I think they'll be edible soon. How do you know when the carrots are ready to be eaten?

chris, the flowers from your wedding are still going strong. For some reason it's growing really wide instead of tall, but it has flowers on it. Cute little white ones...

And I bought some more flowers last weekend. Because I'm out of control, that's why. It's February and this morning I was talking on the phone sitting in my container garden outside in a t-shirt and no shoes. I think I have the right to be a little drunk on climate.

Anyway, the garden is thriving and has expanded from just the two tables onto the ground under the tables (for shade loving plants), the sunny part of the ground, and all the edges of the balcony. It's a lot of water to haul.

I can hardly wait for May when it's so hot that all of these plants have to come inside. Surely by then the vegetables will be dead and we'll just have the herbs (I bought some lavender last weekend. It's really pretty.) and the flowers and the ones that are supposed to be houseplants to find places for.

Have I mentioned lately that it still has not rained? Because it hasn't rained at all since October 18. It's really starting to feel normal, like cold and rain were just a really vivid dream I remember having a long time ago...

The Fine Print:
2002: A Februarium Entry. "When"... sort of a boyfriend retrospective.

2004: A catch-up entry featuring work stress and liquor.

2003: Mom and I went protesting at the capitol. "My sign read "If you can read this, go thank a teacher." Mom's said "Full Funding For All Day Kindergarten, TODAY". There were lots related to the affordability of the health insurance. My favorites included "Hoo Kneads Skool NEWay", "I teach, therefore I moonlight", some key shaped ones that said "SCHOOL FUNDING: The KEY to Kentucky's Future"."

2002: The beginning of my year without a car.

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