{ Friday, February 13, 2004 }

This Week.

I haven't updated in a bit... Let's see... what have I been up to?

Monday ~ worked all day, went straight to a bar after work. JV found me there, trashed with my coworkers around eight pm. Was sober enough to drive by ten. Made it home alive. Consumed nothing but nachos and gin all day long (I think JV managed to order me some dinner at some point, I vaguely recall eating something for dinner, but by then the damage was done)

Tuesday ~ worked until ten pm, went home, ordered a pizza.

We waited the 45 minutes for the pizza to be delivered, me having eaten nothing all day. The thing finally comes and Em opens the box.

"They put pepperoni on our pizza!"
"There's meat on this thing."
"Tell me you're joking."

She was not joking. I was, at this point, in danger of starving to death. I called the pizza place.

"Hi, I just had a pizza delivered and there's meat on it and I am a vegetarian and I haven't eaten anything al lday and I just wanted some dinner and I can't eat this pizza and I am going to starve..."
"What was your order?"
"Large with pineapple and green pepper."
"What's on it?"
"Pepperoni. And pineapple. THis wouldn't be a big deal, but I'm starving and I don't eat meat and I can't eat this pizza --"
"If you can come and get it, we'll have another one ready for you in five minutes."

I ripped the crusts off a couple of pieces and ate those before I left.. a crust of bread really seemed completely necessary at that point.

On the way there, I called Jeff. We were talking about pepperoni on pizzas and he mentioned something about his fiance and the pizza for his party. I asked what event the party was for...

I am the worst friend ever.

For the tenth consecutive year, I forgot his birthday. Happy Birthday, Jeff.

I did get my pizza and I had already eaten two slices by the time I got home.

Wednesday ~ had a terribly drama-filled day at work, didn't do anything in the evening.

Thursday ~ called in sick and then neglected all those things I was thinking I would finally do "someday" when I didn't have to work on a weekday. Didn't actually leave the house. In all honesty, I didn't really actually leave my bed until about four thirty in the afternoon. Then I went out with the boy I like and that was fun.

And now it's Friday and I imagine all the extra work I did Tuesday night is now null and void, has been replaced by the work I didn't get to do yesterday while I was having a mental health day. I think I have to work tomorrow, on Valentine's Day. We still have some loose ends from the move to take care of (half of my office is currently occupied by boxes that I am pretending don't exist until they go to storage tomorrow).

Stalker Guy was talking like he might want to come down this weekend. I did tell him I probably have to work, and if he were here, he would have to come and help with the last bits of moving. He seemed basically okay with that plan. I don't know if now is actually too soon to see him again. We do best in small doses really.

I guess I'll worry about that if he calls tonight or tomorrow morning to find out if I am okay with him coming down.

If he doesn't want to come or I decide he shouldn't... this might just be the first Valentine's Day in, what?, like nine or ten years on which I actually do not have any plans.

I've been wanting for the last couple of years when I haven't had an actual boyfriend on Valentine's Day, to find out what it would be single and alone on V-day. This might be the year when I actually find out. Or I'll chicken out and Stalker Guy will come down and at least I won't be drinking alone (isn't that what you're supposed to do on Valentine's Day if you don't have anything else to do?)...

I should probably get to work, where I will be playing the part of Flu Victim all day (I am a little bit sick, but not nearly sick enough to have needed yesterday off), now.

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