{ Sunday, July 26, 2009 }

Changing the litter box

Things I evidently did wrong while changing the litter box just now:

  • I forgot to remove the box top before I carried it to the living room.
  • The dog ran outside while I was wrestling the unweidly thing out the door.
  • There was no criticism offered of my pouring the litter into a trash bag or putting the bag into the trash, but I did get a bruise and three scrapes on my arm, so I'm pretty sure I did something wrong there.
  • I left the top in the wrong place while I refilled the now empty pan.
  • I could not hear my husband while I was pouring the litter into the pan.
  • I turned to respond to my now slightly agitated husband (see the previous points in which he had been talking to me and I had not replied, the dog had escaped, and I'd left half a litter box on the living room floor) and spilled pine litter on the bedroom floor.
  • Which the dog then ate.

I know I've been gone a long, long time. I moved to California, I started a new job, and I had been feeling a bit... exposed prior to all that anyway. Plus my husband works for a company that has its own blogging software and that makes having a Blogger blog seem inappropriate in many ways.

I kept meaning to find a new masthead that is slightly less "Mary Ann in 2003" and slightly more "Mary Ann in 2009", which... hasn't progressed any farther than "meaning to". I need a new design because the current one doesn't really fit any more. Which gets wrapped up in the whole thing with the software and blahblahblah.

And then my mom got even sicker, and she died.

I can't even say I kept meaning to post during all of that, because I didn't. I'm just telling you what happened.

But, you know, "Mary Ann attempts, and fails, to manage routine domestic tasks" has pretty much been the theme of this thing since Day One back in 2000. So, it only seemed appropriate that I share this latest one. Despite the fact that I've been a grown-up cat owner for going on eight years now, I, apparently, still cannot empty and refill a litter box without it all going to hell.

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