{ Friday, November 02, 2007 }

Dinner & A Movie

Last night, Em and I were talking about FreeRice, and I mentioned that when I hit vocabulary level 41, I felt "glamorous and smart". I think it's possible that "glamorous" is not normally the first word one associates with doing a passable job on an philathropic vocabulary test on the internet.

Tonight we went on a date. Dinner and the drive-in. Drew was pretty freaked out that we left the restaurant approximately two minutes before the movie was starting, and we, you know, had to walk back to the car and drive to the movie. Because I've already seen what's playing at the Art House Theater (and Drew doesn't care to see it), and we really prefer the drive-in.

I kept reminding him that the drive-in always starts at least five minutes late and then there are previews and all... And then we got stuck in the incoming traffic. It seems everyone had the same idea about it being a lovely night to see a movie outside.

By the time we got to the front of the line (I think it was the "Cash Only" policy that was holding things up while people scrounged around for the whopping $6 *and* you can bring your own food enterance fee), and we paid and figured out where screen 2 was, and I managed to find a spot and pull in and not run over any children... it was fully 45 minutes after the movie was supposed to start.

Once we had the seats all adjusted, our shoes removed, and were completely settled, it was 50 minutes after go-time. And then the movie started. Drew was very relieved that we'd not spent all that time sitting in the dusty field waiting, because apparently that would've caused more discomfort than the anxiety he had about whether we should give up and go home since it's only an 84 minute long movie and we've clearly missed it did.

The new car is every bit as fantastic at the drive-in as we had anticipated. It's so great, in fact, that Drew fell asleep. He seems to think the half glass of wine he had with dinner was a major contributing factor.

And just in case you needed someone to tell you this, Bee Movie is just as scattered and nonsensical as it seems. I stayed awake the whole time, but that's about all I can offer. It was another one that I think maybe was much longer and all the parts needed to make it make sense got left on a cutting room floor somewhere. That's the best explaination I've got...

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