{ Tuesday, November 06, 2007 }

Day Six: Cat Stories

So, this morning I discovered that I'd left my keys in Drew's car last night. He had to come back and deliver them to me so I could lock the door and go to work. This evening, I mentioned to Drew that when I opened the front door to come back inside, the cats both looked like they'd been caught at something.

He informed me that this simply could not be true, because Isis can hear me minutes before I come into the apartment.

For the longest time, I've thought he just knew my schedule (since my comings and goings coincide neatly with meal time). I've even wondered how much time Isis spends sitting by the door waiting for me to come home.

(What? Mondale won't leave the bedroom in the morning until a person does. The bedroom doesn't have a door, so he's free to go at any time. But he doesn't. Instead he chews on me until I get up and he can start his day. Nine days out of ten, I am escorted down the stairs in the morning by both cats. They both either follow me into the bathroom or sit outside of it waiting for me. You can see why I'd worry that they hang out in the doorway waiting for me when I leave.)

No. It turns out the cat just runs to the door because when he's not chasing me around trying to slice my Achilles tendon for no good reason, my cat has a doglike devotion to his girl.

(And then because Isis appears interested in something, Mondale follows him. That is why there are always two cats milling about the doorway when I get home. It makes so much more sense now.)

We let the cats out on the balcony. Mostly they sniff things, find some dust to roll around in, check out the view and wish for birds to show up so they can kill them. I watered my plants after work and left the patio door open, so the cats were wandering in and out.

Then there was a crashing noise and both cats came running in. Now, Isis is sort of a badass. Generally speaking, he's more "fight" than "flight". Mondale? is really... we like to use the word "simple" to describe Mondale. He's not so much a fighter.

So, both cats run into the apartment and Mondale shoots under the couch like he's thinking he might never come out. Isis just gets inside the door and stops, and I wish I'd thought to grab my camera. I've never seen Isis so fluffy. Something scared the hell out of the cats.

When Drew walked across the room, Isis fluffed right back up. He was seriously spooked. Mondale calmed down and came out from under the couch pretty quickly, really he can't be counted upon to sustain a thought for very long.

So, Drew and I went outside to check things out. Plants? Are all in their original positions. Chairs? Accounted for. Tables? Are still upright and covered in plants. Bicycle? Right where I left it. Nothing is even slightly out of place.

We still don't know what scared them. Isis hid behind us and kept watch while we went outside. Mondale seemed confused. I wish they could tell us what they got into that scared the hell out of both of them.

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