{ Monday, September 03, 2007 }


Tonight Drew told me that my future father-in-law has located this blog. Hi! My mom has the address, so I'm sure it's all fit to share. I hope you think I'm funny (I think I'm funny, anyway.)

Tonight I got bitten by ants. My left foot and both arms got it. They did their freaky pheremone thing and all bit down at once. Good news: still not allergic to ant bites. Bad news: even if you're not allergic, ant bites are stingy and itchy and horrible. I did get to kill all of the ones on me though.

I was standing in the grass outside my friends' apartment when I was attacked. More good news: now I completely understand why it is that their dog is afraid of the grass. The grass is full of pain.

Less than three weeks to the wedding! I still need shoes and earrings. The dress alterations are finished. Now that it's over, I can talk about the drama of the dress.

It didn't fit when I went in to check the hem and have the bustle put together. Then I took to the treadmill every evening and a few weeks later, I ran a mile in less than 12 minutes on Saturday morning, but that same day the dress would not zip.

Then! Then I took Miss Ellie with me to the alterations shop and said "I suspect the seamstress is unwilling to zip my dress. A week ago, I could pull the fabric together in every spot, so I know it will zip. I just can't do it myself. We'll be very quiet while you zip it."

We were very quiet, but we were caught. The seamstress tried to stop Ellie, but just as she was getting her hands in there to make her stop, Ellie calmly got past a snag and zipped me up.

The seamstress is quite adept and the hem is perfectly level despite my legs being slightly different lengths, and she did the bustle perfectly without my actually being there. So, I am extremely pleased with the work, and my dress has been reclaimed from the shop.

And those are all my stories for now. I'm going to go take a Benadryl and pass out now.

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