{ Tuesday, May 08, 2007 }

Send Cold Things.

So, I came home from work and I thought, "I remember thinking about turning the thermostat up when I was here at lunch. I remember meaning to do it. I do not remember doing it. How very odd that it is so warm in here. I guess Drew did it."

An hour later, Drew came home from work. He commented that it was unusually hot in our apartment. Then he handed me the new Bust magazine that had arrived in the mail. I parked myself on the floor to read it.

The next thing I know, Drew is trying very hard to get my attention because he actually was investigating why it was so damned hot in here. I was very busy laying on the floor trying to ignore the heat and enjoy my magazine. I mentioned that the air conditioner was not on when I came in, and it had just switched on when he got home.

This was not nearly enough interest to show in the appliances. I then suggested that he stick a hand in front of the vent and see if the air was cold. He stuck his hand in front of the intake in the hallway. I laughed at him. This did not help. He wanted me to actually get up and take action.

Then he told me that the vent in the spare bedroom was not putting out any air. I got up, climbed the bookcase and determined that there was, in fact, air out the living room vent. Drew then confirmed that nothing cold was coming from the vents.

Due the heat, we were unable to be civil to one another. Instead we got into a stupid fight about who was more hostile. It got ugly and then uglier. And it was another hour after Drew got home that I huffed and puffed and called the 24 hour apartment maintenance answering service.

They haven't called back. It's gotten a little cooler, and I opened a window, so we're less likely to hurt each other now. See that weather thing on the sidebar where it tells you how absurdly hot it is outside? Yeah, our bed is six stories up and that little room-like bit of our apartment has a window that doesn't open and no ceiling fan.

I hope they fix this soon.

posted by mary ann 10:02 PM