{ Sunday, April 15, 2007 }

We're Sporty!

We went disc golfing today. It was a rocking good time. We both got measurably better as we went, and we're totally going to get out and do it again. We played seventeen holes. The first hole was going to require that we shoot over a water hazard and we weren't ready for that. Plus there was a large group of people picnicing right about where we thought the basket was.

Later we got brave and threw our frisbees over the water at the next hole that required it. Like I mentioned, we got better as we went. We both went in with new midrange golf discs. Mine old ones are a bit warped after spending three Arizona summers in my car, so we got new ones.

As is the way a disc golf game goes, we started with two agreements. Drew would not try to teach me how to throw a frisbee, and we would keep score. By the second hole, we'd forgotten about counting because we were having such a good time.

Highlights included: that one hole where my first toss somehow ended up behind the tee (I'm awesome), the three trees Drew managed to hit dead on, the bicyclist I almost took out "Oh no! Sorry! Uh... Four?! Sorry!!", and the flock of resting pigeons Drew managed to activate by landing a frisbee right in the middle of them. We also spent two holes fascinating a little girl who looked to be about four years old. She cheered for us.

I am pleased to report that no fribees disappeared or ended up in the water.

Action shots:

Frisbee Golf 009

Frisbee Golf 003

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