{ Thursday, April 05, 2007 }

Smaller than a twelve year old.

Tonight, we were at Target and we walked past a rack of really cute sundresses. We happened to be strolling by the little girls department at the time. I looked at one. "I could wear this! Isn't it cute? How much is it?"

Next thing you know, we're checking out and I am holding an XL dress from the little girls department. I grabbed the XL because I am not actually a child. Yeah, sure, I am not remarkably larger than I was when I was twelve, but when I was twelve, I wore a 14.

The label said XL 14/16. Since I sent the last pair child's size 14 pants I had to the Goodwill two months ago because they were really enough too small to be uncomfortable after a few hours... I thought I was being hopeful with the XL.

Right when we got home, I tried on my new dress.

my new dress is too bigIt's too big!

I'm not sure whether to be disappointed or pleased that it's WAY too big and I look like I am playing dress up. The elastic on the bodice isn't even pulling a little, and the straps are too long and I look five months pregnant.

Clearly, size inflation is not just for grown-ups...

posted by mary ann 8:16 PM