{ Friday, April 20, 2007 }

Feeding Time.

I've mentioned before, you know, once or twice, about how complicated it is having one tiny cat who can't afford to lose any weight and one morbidly obese cat. This isn't because they fight over food. It's simply because Isis will eat anything left unattended and Mondale wants to eat three pieces of kibble every forty-five minutes, which leaves a lot of kibble unattended.

This whole "Isis needs to lose ten pounds" thing has been bothering me a lot lately. To the degree that I had nightmares last night about Isis eating himself to death. This is very different from the nightmare Ellie had when she was here in which Isis accidentally smothered her to death. Either way, the cat is entirely too fat for comfort.

So, I finally put my plan into action. I went and bought a large plastic storage bin. While driving to the store, I solicited some advice on how to make my new Mondale feeding area from my craftier friends.

The goal: to create a space deep enough that Isis's paw couldn't reach the foodbowl and that I could add a cinderblock or some patio stone to the bottom if Isis took to tipping it over. This space had to have a floor (because otherwise, it's totally easy to break into) and a removeable lid (so we can actually feed Mondale). It had to be tall enough for Mondale to be able to eat comfortably in. With an opening big enough for a Mondale but much too small for an Isis.

Clearly, a plastic storage container was the way to go. Ultimately, I drilled holes in the container and then used a box cutter to cut between them. Mondale will fit out of the hole. I know because I opened the top and dropped him in and he was out the hole before I had the top resecured.

One of my concerns in buying this container was that it be flimsy enough for me to cut up and yet strong enough that it wouldn't just collapse when Isis decided to lay on it.

I think it's a success on all counts. Except for the part where Mondale is afraid of it. He'll get over that. Isis is totally over it.

I really like the way you can see the top sagging on this one. I think it'll hold.

cat contraption 002

And so you can bask in the enormity of Isis:

cat contraption 003

I think it's safe to say he'll have to lose a lot of weight before he can get inside (please ignore the cardboard scaps on the floor. They have cardboard scratching pads.)

cat contraption 001

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