{ Thursday, March 22, 2007 }


Mondale can't have Isis's food because a) it's maybe the reason his face swelled up and b) he doesn't understand the concept of eating a meal. He's grazes. And if we leave it out, Isis will just eat it. And suddenly, the wrong cat is losing weight.

Isis can't have Mondale's food because Mondale's food makes Isis fat. And Isis needs to be less fat.

The problem here is that no one is territorial about his food.

In case you need further proof that Isis is gigantic and Mondale is tiny, here are two pictures I just took of them together. My foot it in the picture keeping Mondale from wandering away. Isis was not going to wander away because it was dinner time and dinner had not been served and what if I forgot?? Well, if following me around didn't work; he'd go find a wall to scream at for awhile.

Picture 007

Picture 008

From the failed experiment with feeding them the same thing:

Picture 005

Picture 006

So, after Mondale's face swelled up, we tried feeding Mondale in a little cat condo that Isis's fat ass just wasn't going to fit in. Unfortunately, the fat cat is also the smart cat. He figured out he could get a paw in there and find the dish and knock it over, spilling the food close enough to the enterance for his head to get in there.

Then we moved it to the top of a piece of furniture. It seemed narrow and slippery and unlike something Isis would volunatarily climb on. Except, then he tried it and it worked and now he snacks at will and Mondale's dish is always empty. (The original place was on top of the cat tree. It didn't work either.)

Someone please explain to me how we are supposed to feed one cat dry food at will and the other cat wet food in limited quantities and keep both cats from eating the wrong food. And don't tell me to lock them in seperate rooms. One, this apartment is gigantic but it doesn't really have any doors, and Two, we'd probably forget and leave one cat locked up for an entire workday.

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