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Books and Health Update

What I Read During My Illness:

I had a whole day in the ER and then another day at home, and then all weekend we did nothing because we're busy trying to get well here, except Isis and he weighs twenty-five pounds so I don't think I can convince you he did much either, and I spent that time mostly reading.

Everyone Worth Knowing

Found in the backseat of Drew's car recently with a bookmark in it. I couldn't remember how it ended, so I figured maybe I had somehow been so jetlagged that I forgot to finish it. I realized after reading about ten pages that I was wrong. I re-finished it anyway in a morphine haze. It's okay.

Love Walked In

Drew went and bought me a pile of books while I was in the ER. Because he knows how to make me quiet and docile: hand me a book. This was one of them. I didn't actually start reading this one until I was home on Thursday, which was probably good, because this is actually a really good book that is slightly like the stuff I normally pick up for myself off the three for two table, but totally much better than that.

I really enjoyed this book. I was not on drugs at all when I read it and I mostly forgot I was in pain and totally cried all the way through the last, like, five chapters. Normally, I get impatient when the end of a book is near and it's all wrap-up and endings, but this one held me.

fly me to the moon

Another Drew pick. I just had to get up and walk across the room and read the back to remember it, because I read it while under the power influence of morphine. Anyway, I did enjoy it, but I kept feeling like I wasn't really getting it. Possibly because I was on drugs. But I don't feel like I need to read it again sober.

Angels All Over Town

I bought this one at the grocery store while picking up "we are spending the weekend sick in bed" supplies. I chose it because there was a picture of the back of a woman's head on the cover and her hair is the same color mine is and she has the same haircut I do. It seemed like as good a reason as any.

I was 180 pages in when I finally put together that maybe this isn't such a recent work of fiction. The references to fashion were all off and at one point there was a mention of a diaphragm as the most effective prophylactic (in the context of having casual sex) and I was completely confused. I think it was when some character was told to have a Betamax and an Atari that I went back and looked at the copyright page. Yeah, published in 1985! Aha!

Anyway, I can see why they're still putting it out in paperback all these years later. It was really a delightful Saturday morning read.

Queen Bees & Wannabes

I am midway through this. It was Drew's third pick for me at the bookstore. It's totally readable, but I don't have a teenaged daughter and if I ever do, it won't be for considerably more than a decade, which makes it seem a bit irrelevant.

In terms of sociology, I am a bit fascinated by it though. I went to a high school where almost none of us (including me) had been to middle school and our social dynamics were possibly a bit off since it was Geek School and most of us had skipped grades to be there and also there were almost no girls since 1992, my freshman year, was the first year they let girls in. So, in that context, it's interesting. The tips for parents aren't riveting but the stuff about how "normal" thirteen year old girls behave is very interesting.

On Friday morning, I could finally tell people I was feeling better, thanks. Answering a well meaning "You're back! Are you feeling better?" with something along the lines of "No, but I was assured that I won't drop over dead, which is heartening, thanks for asking!" was really... awkward. I felt like hell and I couldn't come up with a better way of answering than 'The doctor assured me this isn't fatal and I appreciate your concern.'

Unfortunately, my stomach is still... bloated, I guess is the word for it. It's amazingly... round. I don't know what's in there since I've really only been comfortable with the idea of eating until today, and the in vs. out ratio has been heavily skewed toward "out" all week.

Last night, I even went out and got dinner and some DVDs in sweatpants. I guess, really, they're yoga pants, but whatever. I didn't wear gym shoes or anything, but still, the whole thing was a bit confusing for poor Drew. My stomach is deflating a bit, I think, and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to brave an actual waistband.

Speaking of Drew, he's caught a cold. He seems really confident that having quit smoking (it came as a shock to me too when he told me about it three days after he stopped, which was months ago. He also has lost 50 pounds since meeting me...) will help him enormously through this ordeal.

Mondale also has a cold, he had his first, and Drew did some research and concluded that Mondale did not sneeze on him and make him sick.

Can you tell that I didn't talk to anyone but a sick boy and the cats all weekend?

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