{ Monday, January 01, 2007 }

Happy New Year!

Woke up this morning, walked to the car with the intention of fetching some breakfast.

"Hrm... There's no way I left my window down last night. I spent all day yesterday whining about being cold."

"Now, my car is messy, but if I had been sitting on two empty packs of cigarettes, they'd be smushed. This is very odd."

"I remember getting the stuff out of the backseat when I got home yesterday, but I certainly didn't move the seat forward..."

"No way did Drew sit on that much stuff. This isn't right. I don't leave my CDs sticking out of their little cubby like that."

"Huh. Guess someone broke into my car last night. Well, my CDs are still here. It seems theives still don't love Ani Difranco. They didn't take the factory stereo either. Was there anything else of value in the car? They didn't take my emergency roll of toilet paper or my spare quart of oil. They sure did make a mess."

"I wonder what they thought they'd find deep in the door pocket? Oh! There was an empty jewelry box down there. Such a shame that they took handfuls of trash out of there and threw them on the seat just for a shiny cardboard box."

"Well, let's check the glove box..."

Yeah, totally empty. Someone took my miscellaneous papers. Papers that included information about my car and probably a medical record or two that I stowed in there after an appointment. The car registration. Probably things with my social security number and birthdate on them. Also, a box of tampons that might just be in the debris. I do still have my license plate.

I've called the police. They're mailing me the form. And now I have to call the credit bureaus and the MVD and all that. And then I have to take a couple of trash bags and clean up the mess.

It could have been worse, obviously. The whole car could be gone. I could have left something of value beyond oil change records in the car. I could listen to music that other people actually like.

But still... not a great start, 2007.

posted by mary ann 9:29 AM