{ Sunday, November 19, 2006 }

Travel Stress

Three more sleeps and then one sleep-on-a-plane and then I am in Kentucky! Where the sun shines bright and the grass is blue! For five days and four nights of wintertime fun on the farm!

Psst! If you'll be in the area and want to hang out, send me an email. I won't have a car, and cell phones don't work on the farm... so, there will be some real communication hurdles and carpool arranging to be done to get me off the farm, but I'm sure I'd like to see you!

That is all provided that my plane gets out of Chicago approximately the same day it is supposed to. That day being Thanksgiving. I have very little confidence in this, even though the flight is supposed to leave at 8 am.

I haven't yet figured out how to get five days' of winter clothes into a carry-on bag... I also haven't tried. But it seems unlikely. Which means being stranded in Chicago until the airport sees fit to let me move on. (Also possible: I oversleep my flight on the floor of the airport. It almost happened two Christmases ago in Detroit.)

These are the things causing me stress at this moment. What the hell am I going to wear in Kentucky in November? How on Earth am I going to pack it? How many pairs of shoes do I need? I haven't been given an agenda. I think I need an agenda.

I'll get over this. I have to really stew over packing for a long time before I actually do it. Then the packing part takes just a few minutes once I've figured out what I'm going to do.

The Sea Monkeys are slowly developing. Right now the cat hair in their little home is more obvious than the monkeys. Both cats have checked them out and the air holes allowed fur into their moonscape.

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