{ Saturday, November 25, 2006 }

My Sister's Playmate.

My sister (Shelly, 13 mons. younger) has declared me to be her playmate. Her boyfriend went home yesterday, and now I am her playmate. I am choosing not to argue because all that does is make me bitter about just doing what she wants.

This is troublesome because my sister has boundless energy. I get that I bore very easily, but books and internet certainly can keep my attention. She needs somewhat constant active companionship expressing adequate wonder and enthusiasm for her every action.

Today I learned that digital cameras are "dumb". I forget why. It had to do with computers being "dumb". I asked to please use her nice words. I think she chose not to hear me.

(The other night she asked me if I would tell her the truth if she asked me something and the truth was unkind and I rephrased the not-nice answer into something slightly diplomatic. This caused her boyfriend to inform her that "That is called tact. T-A-C-T. Do you know what tact is?" Her answer? "Lying. And lying is wrong.")

It's really fun to spend a day with someone who doesn't even try. I'm not great with the feelings and the not just laying it out there, but I do make an effort.

Today we: went to the grocery, got her oil changed, I walked around the arboretum while she went for a run, ate lunch, then I got to read quietly while she showered. Then we went to the Village and fifteen million discount clothing stores in the Newport Shopping Center area. Then to Clifton for dinner (Thai) and a movie ("For Your Consideration" It was okay.) and some window shopping followed by Highland Coffee House.

It's not my choice for a coffee house; I've never understood the attraction there. But it seems to be Shelly's favorite. I ordered an iced latte and had to send it back because it clearly was a glass of iced milk containing zero coffee. When it came back to the table, I was assured it contained three shots. I might never sleep again.

For anyone who might care, The Village is basically still entirely the same as it's been since it moved to the shopping center. I scored two longish skirts (one silk) that are a good weight for Phoenix and a very soft blue cowl neck sweater. Total: $8.13

Tomorrow? She's decided we're going to the freaking Gap Outlet. Possibly that's teasing and really she just wants to see if the concept can cause a nervous breakdown. "Remember how you used to have to wait outside the store because it was too full and they couldn't let any more people in?"...

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