{ Monday, November 20, 2006 }

I Have a Headache.

I started this entry four times now. The last start was about all the things I had just chosen not to write about. Then I real quick remembered why I chose not to write about them.

The Sea Monkeys are now visible. You can actually see them swimming. They're still not terribly photogenic.

But you know what is photogenic? My dinner. We ate buttered noodles for dinner because buttered noodles are one of my all time favorite foods. I'm sure I'll get lots of vitamins hanging out with my mom and my sister this weekend. And one dinner of Diet Coke (it was all the machine had to offer) and buttered noodles isn't going to kill me. I had vegetable soup for lunch.

I'm going to stop defending myself now.

Anyway, I put the pasta in a tiny, tiny pot, and then I arranged the noodles because I am a weirdo. But it did look really pretty!


Wanna hear something hilarious? So, you know how much fun I've been having slogging my way through NaBloPoMo? Yeah. Today I signed up for Holidailies...

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