{ Saturday, November 04, 2006 }

Bathing the Cat - A PhotoEssay

Today, I gave Isis a bath. I harassed the boyfriend into photographing this experience for you.

Isis is not especially fond of being bathed. I mean, for a cat he's really cool about it, probably because I've been bathing the cat regularly his entire life. Because he gets really dirty.

he knows what's coming

I really like the way the gigantic cat is clearly almost too much for me to hold in that one.

So, into the water with Isis. You can see he's less than happy with this event. I had to crop my ass out of the picture. It seems my photographer had a different idea than I do regarding what makes a good photo.

in the water

And we begin splashing water onto the cat, trying to get his back wet.


This was when the boyfriend declared that he could have no additional part in this and he and the camera left. The rest of the bath consisted of letting the sopping wet cat jump out of the bathtub and covering him in cat shampoo.

Once suds-ed up, I wrangled Isis back into the bathtub and rinsed him off using a decaf coffee pot. It's really a shame there are no pictures of this.

And out of the bathtub with us and the cat.

all wet

Lest you think that I am subjecting the monster to this for no good reason, here's an After shot of the bathtub. The cat was filthy.

he needed it

And an After picture of the actual cat:


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