{ Monday, October 09, 2006 }

In No Particular Order

The boyfriend has strep throat. Again. He got prompt medical attention this time, and I am pretty sure there's no danger of it progressing like it did the last time when I kept telling him to suck it up because we were on my vacation to my home and damnit he couldn't learn to love Kentucky unless he left the hotel room and walked around outside in the snow all day and half the night and I cleared the schedule with him more than ninety days in advance and time to go to Urgent Care was not on it.

Isis is mad at the world because we're out of the food he likes and he's stuck with the stuff I bought that just isn't right. This morning I sprinkled Mondale's dry food on top of it, hoping that he'd accidentally taste the canned food and realize that canned fish flavored Science Diet cat food is all the same. It all smells the same to me.

I came home from work and the food was still on the plate still in the shape of a can. The dry food had been eaten.

I did think about taking a picture of the plate of cat food and the angry cat glaring at me to share with you. I didn't. You're welcome.

And yes, I did scrape the morning's food off the plate and put a fresh can of Science Diet fish flavored canned cat food that isn't the very particular variety of fish flavored Science Diet canned cat food that the cat likes back on the plate. No, he didn't eat that either.

Seriously, if you want to make a 20 pound cat angry, feed it the wrong sort of wet food and then put the dry food six feet up in "tree".

Mondale gets up there effortlessly, like he's floating. Isis can get up there, he's not going to starve, but when he comes down... I'm surprised the downstairs neighbors haven't come up to find out why we insist on tossing anvils onto that one spot.

I hate the dress I wore to work today. Actually, I really like this dress. I bought it, um, probably ten years ago to attend a boyfriend's family Easter party. It's a really comfortable long polo shirt style dress.

Except that my mother convinced me that the dress needs a slip, and so I own a slip that was specifically purchased to wear with this dress. She's right. It's not nearly opaque enough to go without one. Anyway, the slip is very fitted and it slides counterclockwise all day long. So, every couple of hours, I have a tiny bit of my undergarments poking out of the v-neck.

And everytime I wear it, I think, "This is going to be the time when I am super careful and don't fidget and my underwear is going to stay put." I am wrong about that. It's not the seatbelt or my purse or any particular chair or some bra that makes slips spin in a counterclockwise fashion.

Can someone please explain this to me? Why? Why does this happen? What am I doing wrong?

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