{ Friday, October 13, 2006 }

By Popular Demand, Apparently.

Everyone go leave my mom well wishes.

The number of people who are finding this page because I posted a picture of my cat painted to look like a Jack-O-Lantern is just... staggering.

halloween cat - 2004

How do you do this to a cat?

  1. Buy non-toxic hair spray in black.
  2. Buy cat shampoo or those cleansing cloths or something that you can use to wash the cat once you've had fun at its expense.
  3. Make a stencil from a piece of paper. Nothing complicated. The cat will move when you spray it.
  4. Wait for cat to be relaxed enough that you can sneak attack with the hairspray.
  5. Confirm that the spray bottle is really ready to go.
  6. Hold stencil over sleeping cat.
  7. QUICKLY spray cat with hair spray using the stencil.

Remember, we wouldn't all be using spray bottles as the preferred method of disciplining a cat if it didn't cause them to stop whatever they're doing and run away quickly. Or get angry and attack your arm (if your cat is Isis).

Do this only if you are willing to wash the cat when you're done. Because non-toxic or not, you don't really want the cat licking off all that hairspray.

Okay, now, seriously, go leave some well wishes for my mom.

posted by mary ann 4:56 PM