{ Tuesday, September 19, 2006 }


This morning, I was combing my hair (I finally washed it) and I took off my glasses. Then I couldn't find them. It was very unfortunate. Luckily, my contact case was right on the counter, so I tossed those in.

This evening, the boyfriend asks me where my glasses are. I explain that I lost them mysteriously in the bathroom. I also had to remind him that we are almost precisely equally poorly sighted and I didn't go all day without my glasses. But my contacts were bothering me. Then he hopped off to look for the glasses to save me from my watery eyes.

After hearing me recount my morning, he went back and checked the upstairs bathroom (where I showered) all "You're sure you had your glasses on when you walked downstairs?" ("Uh, I didn't fall down the stairs, so yeah.") Then back to the downstairs bathroom (where I did my hair) and looked some more.

Then he called me into the bathroom where he handed over his glasses. "What did you do next?" I put the glasses on and screwed with my hair until the glasses were annoying me. Then I tossed them into a bin on the counter.

He was annoyed about the part where I tossed his glasses casually about. Because apparently one should treat one's glasses kindly. I have been known to both swim and sleep in mine. It's been... um... almost four years and the lenses are not that scratched. So, whatever.

Anyway, I idly tossed his glasses very nearly on top of my own.

Viola! Found! We were both very impressed.

posted by mary ann 10:44 PM