{ Sunday, July 16, 2006 }

Last Night...

Last night I straightened my hair and put on make-up and a mini dress and hopped off to the bars. There was drinking. And boys who drink and then start talking about things that are either a) depressing or b) boring. They seem to really enjoy it though and I like to think I am getting better at not getting dragged into arugments I don't want to have.

I know I mention this pretty frequently when I'm just post social interaction, but I talk too much. And I know I talk too much. And usually I know precisely the moment that the story got too long. And there's nothing I can do because I just cannot fail to finish a story and bring it back around to my point.

Because I already talked too much and it's even worse to talk too much and end up in nowhere. At least eventually I can usually bring the conversation back to the point where it was when I hijacked it.

Also, these people are not my friends. They're my boyfriend's friends. My friends know my sisters and many of them are friends with my sisters and so they care about crazy family stories at least a little bit. And so many of my friends worked at summer camp and so a camp story means something to them. And blahblahblah, most people are more interesting to people with whom they have something in common besides the other people sitting at the table...

Unfortunately, I still don't actually have any friends in Phoenix. It's been more than two years now and I know I'm not really trying. Because making friends is not really something I was ever good at. Having friends, being friends? Absolutely. Finding new people to befriend? Not so much.

Anyway... there was drinking and merriment and a late-night trip to Denny's in which it is possible that I asked the rest of the group if our waiter was high or just like that within earshot of the waiter. I was trying to be quiet and he was way across the room, but the consesus of the table was that I was not actually so quiet.

And this morning I didn't feel too bad. My stomach has been iffy for days and it continues to be iffy. But I woke up to good hair and no headache which I think qualifies as a success...

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