{ Monday, July 03, 2006 }

Bad Car, Bad.

Remember how a couple of days ago I was whining about not having air conditioning in my car? Okay, well, that's all fixed now.

Yesterday afternoon we went to the mall. And then we got to the parking garage and the boyfriend's car went "click click click" and naturally, we had no jumper cables. And so we waited 90 minutes, most of them outside in the heat, for AAA to come while we speculated widely about why the battery had died.

Also, I spent a lot of time wandering around. "Maybe it's less hot inside the car." "Surely I will be less hot in the shade of the parking garage." "I bet the concrete is less hot. I'll sit on it." "Maybe if I wander out of the parking garage, I will be less hot." When it's this hot outside, it's hard to accept that you're not in a bad spot, it's really just this hot outside.

AAA came and the car was jumped and while we were standing there listening to the nice service guy explain why my boyfriend should buy a battery from AAA (not that he had any on hand), the damned car... well, it sounds like it jumped time.

And so we drove it home very carefully. The car was on for half an hour or so. And then we got nice cold soda from the machine and tried to start the car again, just to see. It did not start.

So, we went out last night and bought jumper cables, figuring we'd jump it again in the morning and he'd go off to the dealership and all would be well.

This morning, the car jumped just fine. Steady hadn't ever jumped a car before and I got a little snitty when he was trying to tell me what the directions said, like my Metro hadn't needed a jump every week or two for more than six months... But eventually, I dropped the wires and snapped a bit and then I was given free reign to jump the damned car. And it started.

And then I went to get another carbonated beverage from the vending machine. Because I worked hard. (Oh dear, I am now being called upon to explain to my boyfriend what an alternator is.)

And then the damned car died. As soon as I turned my back on it. And now we are sitting in the apartment waiting for the dealership's towing people to arrive before I take him on to work (which is in the opposite direction from my work. We live neatly almost precisely between out two offices) and then get on to work myself.

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