{ Saturday, July 15, 2006 }

Another Catch-Up

So, I spent most of Friday at the car place waiting to get my air conditioning back. I had to buy two parts and the whole mess cost more than one month's rent.

Not getting it fixed was simply not an option. Because the inside of the car is simply too hot without it. Not just because not having air conditioning in the car means smelling really bad and perpetually having a very wet shirt-back. Also because without air conditioning in the car, I was perpetually much too overheated to eat.

But now I have my air conditioning back.

We keep finding little Signs of Mom throughout the house. I sort of freak out when my mother does the housework in my home; it's a guilt thing mostly. (And I realize that Steady does most of the cleaning up around here, but still...) And so she knows she's not allowed to clean this house. So, she was pretty stealth in her clean-ups.

The microwave is suddenly immaculate. All the dirt and plant debris on the balcony is strangely gone. And we might find more as the days go on.

The cats are fine. Mondale continues to show signs of being very, very simple. Every day, we show him again where his food bowl is. He lets himself get trapped in cabinets, under fitted sheets, and wherever else (under blankets and pillows mostly) and shows absolutely no distress when it happens.

He likes buttons. He would like to pull them off your clothes, please. He also likes shiny things. Like keys. Or a cell phone or camera. If they have a wrist-loop on them, he'll try to take them away.

Isis is very reliably able to locate Mondale's food bowl. It's six feet up in the air on top of the cat tree, so if he hauls his fat ass up there, we let him have the food...

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