{ Monday, June 12, 2006 }


Jeez. Has it been another week? Really? Wow.

I am listening to my boyfriend trying to reason with the little cat. The kitten wants to lay on his face. Trying to reason with Isis makes a little bit of sense, because Isis at least recognizes a couple of basic words, like "breakfast" and "OW! FUCKER!" and "Isis!". Mondale, however, does not quite seem capable of remembering where his food bowl is. So, I think that actually makes Mondale the less smart cat.

He has to try to reason with the cats because he doesn't believe in moving them forcibly. It has something to do with their rights and freedoms.

This morning I had to run an errand in the suburbs before work. On my way in, I sent a text message to my boyfriend "We are so never moving to the suburbs traffic SUCKS". Except, when I got to work my assistant was pretty completely entertained to inform me that I had accidentally sent it to her.

In three days, I leave to go on vacation. I am... freakishly anxious about the whole thing. I want a plan. And no one is providing a plan. I'm going to Bonnaroo. Supposedly with my sister, Nikki. Unfortunately, having a transient troubled teen for a kid sister makes planning these kinds of trips hard.

The original plan also involved another friend and his girlfriend, but they're the sort of people who wake up and go to work about when I get home from work. So, even with a three hour time difference, I am in bed when they're available to talk planning.

Tonight my mother and I concluded that if these people don't present me with some sort of actual plan, involving, like, dates and approximate times and a location or two soon, she'll just go with me. Which... I actually think my mom would enjoy Bonnaroo more than I will. So, at least now I have a back-up plan.

And then after that, we're driving ("we" = me, Mom and maybe my stepfather) from Cincinnati to Portland. With a trailer of furniture for Shelly. Hilarity is bound to ensue.

The plans were firmed up this evening after I sent an e mail that basically said "Get your shit together. I have no intention of flying across the country without some sort of plan for how and when I am going to get back. Craving Structure, Mary Ann" When I talked to Mom, she said she was going to reply to it like she was Dear Abbey and this was a cry for help.

Today, tomorrow and then I leave the boy and the cats and the workplace to fend for themselves. Steady has big plans of doing nothin' in a world where I do not require constant entertainment from him (no one has ever accused me of being low maintenance).

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