{ Friday, May 19, 2006 }

The Sexual Politics of Meat

Typing out a journal entry? Instead of just writing it in my head? What? How does that work?

Is anyone else horrified by the chicken sandwhich ads on TV right now? If you don't know which ones, and you actually watch television, I don't know what to tell you.

Okay, so they're the ones where the premise is that the chicken's breast is the same thing as a woman's breasts. There's one where they put a bar across the chicken's chest and say something about not being able to show such large breasts on television. There's another where a plastic surgeon is recommending to the chicken that "bigger is better in your case".

It's really completely appalling. It's disturbing that they are trying to sell sandwhiches by... suggesting it's like eating a woman. It's so fucked up.

Burger King and I broke up again. I'm not sure I mentioned that since moving to Arizona I'd gone back to eating their veggie burgers, but I had. And then they started running the commercial about how Men eat Meat at Burger King. You know, with the singing and the sad women they were just hanging out with and the pretty women who cheer them on and the overturning of the minivan and toppling it off a bridge into a garbage truck.

It's so completely disturbing and they obviously are not looking for my business anymore. They want Men to Eat This Meat. It's totally fucked up.

People often laugh about The Sexual Politics of Meat on my bookshelf. They tend to act like it's one of those silly feminist overreaction thing when I try to explain the premise... but clearly they're wrong. This shit is fucked up.

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