{ Thursday, April 13, 2006 }


So, I had a hell of a day at work today... and all afternoon I was carrying on about how I was going to go home, make and eat fettucine alfredo and maybe even some cake and feel better.

And then, instead? I got a kitten. Eleven months is still a kitten.

Also, this cat is freaking TINY. I know what cats are supposed to look like and this one is SMALL.

We are now a two cat household.

It was time. Isis has been an only cat for four and a half years. And I think he's bored and depressed and that's why he's lazy and overweight. Yes, just like how I wanted the alfredo sauce because I had a bad day. And maybe he needs some company while we're at work.

Monster is taking it pretty well. There has been hissing and growling and some angry, instructional mewing, but nothing physical yet.

We've shut the new cat in the spare room. Isis was not pleased when we were also in there watching television. Then we came out and were immediately forgiven (he has a really short attention span). Then the little one started crying.

And so, tonight, I will sleep in the bed where Isis can visit me at will and Steady has already gone to bed on the futon so the little one is not alone. It seems to be working out just fine. Monster is laying in his windowseat like he does at this time of night and there's no noise from the next room. So, I think we're cool.

This weekend should be really interesting. My poor boyfriend does not possess the kind of cold black heart that I do and so he is not quite as accepting as I am of the fact that these two cats are gonna duke it out a bit to feel each other out and there might be blood and that's just the way it goes. We just need to be around when that happens so the carpets don't get stained.

And then I am confident that they'll get along enough that we can trust Isis not to kill the kitten if we leave them alone together. Eventually. Not this week.

Steady has been known to shrug when Isis tosses his whole weight and all the claws at my calf and knocks me over, but Isis is so unhappy that he just hisses -- no lunging -- at the kitten and he is immediately very distressed...

Yes, the kitten has a name. You can hear about that later.

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