{ Sunday, April 16, 2006 }
This is Mondale:


He's so tiny! And he snuggles in a way that Isis never did. He moved on Thursday, got a bath on Friday and went to the vet on Saturday. And he doesn't hate me for it.

The socialization process is coming along. I am pleased to report that while there has been no snuggling, there has also been no bloodshed.

It seems that Isis is willing to share food, water, his bed, his toys, all of his things and his space. But he is not willing to share his girl. Almost all of the hissing and near-fights in the last two days have been when I was petting Isis and Mondale walked over.

Entertainingly enough, all Isis has to do is look like he's considering standing up and Mondale turns tail and runs.

The size differential is huge. This is a horrible picture of me, but here's Isis...

cat one

And from nearly the same angle and distance, here's Mondale:

cat two

And tonight, we had a short truce:


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