{ Thursday, April 06, 2006 }


Tonight I actually said to my boyfriend "It's supposed to be more than ninety on Saturday. Do we have to turn on the air when it gets above ninety?"

Before that, he discovered that the dryer exhaust fan was on. I explained that it was another step in my big plan to get air circulating through this apartment.

"What's with all the airing things out?"
"It's Spring!"
"We don't have Spring."
"Shhh! It's Spring!"
"We have Summer..."
"It might only last a week, but it's Spring!"

He's right, you know. Summer is coming fast to the desert. The last week or so, I've gone out in the morning and the air feels... it feels like morning at summer camp. It even kinda smells like morning at summer camp. Anyone who's spent five minutes with me knows that I am a bit stuck on those twelve summers I spent as a camper and then on staff at that summer camp...

It's made me antsy. I want all the outside in our apartment. Well, except also with the humidifier running because it's hot in that loft and, say what you will about "dry heat", the addition of humidity helps. If nothing else it prevents morning nose bleeds and cracking skin.

I don't want to go to work. I don't want to close the windows. I am super antsy.

I don't want it to get so hot that I beg for the air conditioned indoors. I grew up without air conditioning. No air conditioning at Dad's or Mom's or Grandma's or my elementary school or my high school or even the dorm where I lived for the first two years of college. My summer job certainly wasn't in anyplace air conditioned. And that absurd little red convertible was as close as I ever got to an air conditioned car.

I'm pretty anti-air conditioning and pro-open windows. And trust me, when the overnight low is ninety degrees, there's no opening the windows.

So, yeah, you can ask me if it's really that bad out here and you can not believe me when I say that 115*, a typical outdoor temperature in July, is the lowest setting on my oven and living in the oven is not more comfortable than ninety degrees and puddling in Cincinnati.

But I love the summer and I experienced twenty Cincinnati summers fully, living and working without air conditioning. I know the answer to this one and the answer is "Yes, we are going to have to turn on the air conditioning. And, no, I am not looking forward to it. And yes, I do feel like I should go dance around outside while I still have the chance."

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