{ Friday, April 28, 2006 }


Well, I've made it almost a week without any carbonated beverages. And I haven't purchased any Wint-O-Green since the beginning of Lent. Someone should give me a cookie or something.

Today I got freakishly, hellishly busy at work and didn't make it to get lunch until after four thirty in the afternoon. I was sitting at my desk wondering what a migraine feels like and how much longer I could go without crying when it occured to me that the entire problem was probably that I had consumed: one quart of Kool-Aid and nothing else in more than twenty hours.

I got a Clif Bar and was almost instantly less fragile. My body wanted food. Amazing how that works.

The cats are getting along pretty well. The biggest problems with having a two cat household seem to be meal time and people time. They happen to like each other's food better. Not such a big deal for Mondale -- he's at least ten months old, so some canned cat food probably won't hurt him. Isis should not be eating kitten chow though.

Also, Isis hasn't hopped into my lap since we let Mondale out of the little room. I find this to be very sad. He chases the toys I throw and he is happy to be petted and continues to tolerate being brushed. He just doesn't seem to want into my lap.

What else is going on? Today I wore a blazer to work that happened to smell really a whole lot. Because I didn't pay enough attention when getting dressed. And naturally it went over a dress that had straps and not sleeves so I couldn't take it off. Fortunately, I spent most of the day holed up in my office being a stressball so hopefully if anyone caught wind of me they thought that being a stressball makes me smell bad.

I'm fighting off a cold. I haven't taken a sick day since December and my annual work evaluation is right around the corner, so... I am hoping to continue to fight this thing off. Last year I got a "D" in attendance and I am really hoping to bring that grade up.

Thusfar I have managed not to get many illnesses that have felled either most of my office or my boyfriend. But this week I've had an itchy ear, a snotty nose and a slight cough. And I don't feel very well.

Anyway, clearly I am all work work work oriented these days when I'm not obsessing over the socialization of my cats and trying to stop rotting my teeth out of my head with my sweet tooth. While having a touch of a cold. All of which has great potential to be very boring. Which is sort of why I've not been updating.

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