{ Thursday, March 23, 2006 }


It's now 3:45 in the morning. I remembered to print our boarding passes like an hour ago. And then I checked to see what the status of things was and it said the plane left ten minutes later than I thought it did and, yes, actually, I did freak out a little about being early. The boarding passes say what I thought they'd say.

I haven't done many of the things that need to be done before we can leave. Instead, I have been reading shit like Bill Meck's blog. Because I really enjoy witnessing someone be truly passionate about his work, and Bill Meck is about the most enthusiastic weatherman ever. I know some people don't enjoy him like I do, but he seems so genuinely thrilled when there's interesting weather.

And I get that such a seemingly single-minded obsession with something can be really off-putting. But I like my television entertaining and what's more entertaining than someone who seems... like he might become unhinged with glee at any moment? I mean that in the nicest possible way. Really.

Yeah so clearly it's 3:50 AM and I am losing my little mind. That's the update. It's the middle of the night and no one's awake to talk to me and so I'm just chattering away at the interwebs and wondering if my boyfriend will snore like that on the plane once we've drugged him out of his mind. I can hear it over the headphones in my ears.

I have great faith that I will sleep on the airplane whether or not he's drugged out of his mind and snoring like that. (He's gonna be so thrilled that I wrote about this. The cat is currently staring up at the bedroom like "What is that noise? Is it coming from something that I can stalk and possibly kill?") I know I will sleep through whatever because that is one of my greatest powers.

I am a champion sleeper. I have no idea if Steady snores like that all the time or not because I am never awake when he is asleep and once I am asleep that's the end of that.

Do you people seriously wake up in the middle of the night? Often? That probably happens to me twice a year when I'm not running a fever and didn't fall asleep frighteningly drunk. It typically happens when the cat walks up my stomach. You'd wake up too if 24 pounds of orange anger put all its weight directly on your navel. What makes you wake up? I hear all this about waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. What is that about? How does that happen?

Honestly, I lay down, close my eyes and am asleep within three to five minutes more than ninety percent of the time. And then I wake up and it's morning and the cat is hurting me in his excitement about how the squawking box now means breakfast time and the boyfriend is poking me in the ribs because my alarm has been going off since Christmas and the cat will soon hurt him too and the amount of light flooding in through the window is absolutely blinding. And then I go back to sleep for thirty more minutes. Or more.

Where the hell was this going? I don't remember. It's 4:15 am. Steady wakes up in 45 more minutes...

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