{ Monday, March 27, 2006 }

I'm Back.

Well, we made it there and back.

I think these two pictures illustrate Friday Night's debauchery pretty well:





Pretend like they weren't obviously taken within the same location. Because we were at lots of locations. I have no idea how much I drank. Can someone clue me in? I opened with two gin and tonics and then after that it was just so many shots. People kept handing them to me and so I kept taking them...

We had a great time.

Friday Night

I saw Nikki (my sister) twice. We went to the zoo on Friday during the day and then I visited her yesterday in the hospital. Her best friend (who is a saint) described the incident that landed her in the hospital as a "Rumble in the Front Yard in Suburbia".

Someone hit her with a chair. Not the person she was punching at the time. She broke her arm in two places and had to have surgery - a plate and some pins in her arm. When I went to visit, she wasn't on solids yet.

She told me if she had it to do again, she would. So, we are not learning our lesson. When I told her that I didn't think I'd ever seen a real live fist fight (among people over the age of eleven), she seemed to find that more of a sign that I am inherently uncool than anything else.

See what a pretty girl she is? Doesn't she look much too nice to be getting into fist fights in front yards?


We spent a day at the track with my mom's family. We saw Dad's rebuilt house (I hadn't seen it since the fire.). He literally put everything back precisely the way it was. I could tell it wasn't the original wood on some of the doors, and the upstairs floor is not to his satisfaction, but otherwise it is 100% Dad's 1920's Arts and Crafts Bungalow. It's such a cute house.

It was a really good vacation...

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