{ Friday, February 03, 2006 }


My left shift key is only working haphazardly. I don't know what my left hand does when it types, but it removes all the paint from the keys and I think my tiny, skinny pinkie finger may have been abusing the Shift key somehow... Anyway, it's really screwing up the flow of my seventy-plus words per minute typing.

Okay, so my check card was comprimised. Everyone wants to know how it happened. How they can keep this horrible thing from happening to them. I don't know. The police seem to think it was a server at a restaurant, as did Mrs. Pratt.

I left work. I went out and got a cashiers check for my rent and enough cash to get me by for a little while. I called each place where the fraud happened and explained to them that I was not the person making these charges. Then I called and put a fraud alert on my credit reports. I spoke to the police.

Whoever did this to me has been doing a lot of it. RiteAid told me that they've gotten a slew of complaints from Arizona lately. The phone company told me that they've got several fraud charges on the account that my card paid. The police officer said he thought he recognized the name.

So, that means to me that if I get my credit report and it says that nothing new has been opened and the bank gives me back all of my money and this is a short, relatively painless fiasco in my life, I still merit the attention of the authorities.

I took down the Christmas Tree while I was waiting for the police man to come and take my statement. I didn't do too much other cleaning, but I did take down the Christmas Tree.

And I learned that from here nothing can go forward until I receive something called an Affadavit of Fraud from my bank and fill it out. So, I've taken next Friday off of work to finish dealing with this.

If you've ever had your boyfriend tell you that he thinks the reason you both wake up every morning tired and with a bloody, snotty nose is that your pillows are full of germs... Well, it turns out that pillows can be put in the washer. You just have to be willing to accept that the washer is going to jump and bang because it's hard to balance a load of pillows.

Also, you might not want to put the one with the water resistant lining in there because it'll soak up a LOT of water and be REALLY heavy and you might have to cut the lining a tiny bit to let the stream of water out.

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