{ Monday, February 13, 2006 }

Super Emotional Geek Girl

So, Monday was a rough day. Work somehow caught up to me before I'd managed to leave the apartment building. Damned cell phones.

My fuse has been short lately. Over the weekend, Steady attempted to teach me enough PHP so that I could do some grunt work on a project, and I cried. Part of that was my natural reaction to the very notion of modular programming and part of it was my very short fuse. (I did learn and I churned out the time consuming set of nearly identical classes he wanted to have written pretty quickly. Apparently all that education is not a complete waste.)

By the way, when my boyfriend starts talking about modular programming, he means, like, one line of code per function and one file per class. If you knew me when I studied programming, you'd know exactly how depressing I find this. And if you've ever done any large-scale programming, you'll know (as I do) why all that modular-ness is such a good fucking idea, even if it does make me so depressed I cry.

My planning, meticulous, modular-programming boyfriend and I went out to run some errands over the weekend. My plan basically amounted to a list of errands I wished to run. They were basic things (oil change, car wash, buy a flower pot, locate some lunch).

Steady seemed to think that my plan was lacking in, uh, a way that made it not actually a plan. And so for several hours, I exacted my revenge on modular programming by carting my boyfriend around as I flitted from place to place just doing my thing and waiting for the ideal lunch venue to appear before my car.

"So, um, what's the plan here?"

"We're looking for lunch. Or a place to buy a flower pot."

"Where are we going, exactly?"

"To find a flower pot. Or lunch."

"So, then we're just driving around. There's no plan."

"No, there's a plan. A plan to eat and get a flower pot."

"This is not a plan."

"Yes it is. I plan to eat lunch and get a flower pot. I am not committed to that order though. Whatever we find first..."

"That's not a plan. That's aimless driving."

"I have an aim, a goal. The goal is to buy a flower pot and to eat something. I think we can manage this. Holler if you see something."

"What, exactly, am I looking for?"

"A place to eat lunch. I want something light. Or a place with a garden center. This is making you crazy isn't it?"

*heavy sighing from the passenger seat*

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