{ Saturday, January 14, 2006 }


I just read this and (while I am currently in a totally happy and ridiculously drama free relationship) I have to say, I think we can all relate:

And yet there are days when I’m still angry, when the urge to lash out for the sake of wounding is hard to rein in, when I’m so bitter and resentful that it feels like I will never, ever get over this.

Days when my thoughts run in circles around the next person he’s with, who it will be and how will I ever forgive that person for being whatever it is that I am not, how will I ever forgive him for not being in love with me anymore, at least not that way

Sign number 1,245 that my sister (aged 18) is not ready to be a parent. Her first choice of names if it's a girl?

Keiandra Neveah Renee

I did tell her that that's not a name. How did she arrive at that? Why, no, she didn't shake up the Boggle set or pull letters out of a Scrabble bag, but those were my first thoughts too.

They (she and the boyfriend) just like the way Keiandra sounds. It sounds like Key-ahn-druh if, like me, you had no idea how to pronouce that mess. And that is how she plans to spell it. Believe me, I asked.

Neveah (Neh-vay-ah) is "heaven" spelled backwards. On this topic, I am only capable of making incoherent sputters.

And Renee is the name of the baby daddy's mom as well as the name of Nikki's dead aunt. So, that one is totally appropriate and acceptable.

Cross your fingers for a boy for me. The boy name is totally normal.

Yeah, I talked to her. And yeah, she's still pregnant. And no, she didn't start college. Instead she got a job at McDonald's. And I am even less thrilled about the situation than I was a month ago, if that's possible.

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