{ Saturday, January 07, 2006 }


So, for the last couple of weeks, the flu has been levelling my office. It might be because people keep coming to work with the flu and passing it around, because, well, apparently we're all idiots. Also, we're a bit understaffed right now and our attendance policy is a bit oppresive. (I can say that because we're going to try to finish rewriting it in a meeting on Monday. I made handouts on the topic. And people wonder why I don't talk about my work more.)

Right, so the flu has been going around. And people come to work, wrap themselves in blankets, and stay until they probably are too sick to drive, and then they go home and stay there for the next several days.

Since Wednesday or Thursday, I've not felt so great. Not really very sick, but also not well. Because the cat picked up his compulsive disorder somewhere, I have been taking my own temperature about five times a day. For some reason, I find it comforting. I've had a very low grade fever for the last several days.

Then this afternoon, we decided to go for a walk. Just to the bookstore. But then it was so nice that we veered off and walked a mile down the path at the park on the way. And then the mile back. And then to the bookstore and then the mile and a half back. All told, roughly six miles of walking.

And it was really hot outside today. I know that's like telling you how disappointed I was about the brown and white spotted pony I got for Christmas when I really wanted a blonde one, but it was really hot outside today.

Apparently, my body didn't want to walk six miles in the sun and the heat. And now it is in revolt.

Steady just got home with my supplies. Hopefully this will patch me right up and I'll be fine tomorrow....

posted by mary ann 10:58 PM