{ Monday, January 30, 2006 }

Identity Theft

I'm going through a small personal hell right now. It seems that someone going by Angelita Betancourt has been paying her utilities with my check card. Just for the last three days, but still.

Well, as it turns out she's only paid her phone bills ($350), no one by that name is at the cable company. She's also been buying other things, like gas.

Oh, yeah, and $1,002 at RiteAid. You can all sit around and wonder like I did how, exactly, it is possible to spend that much money at a RiteAid in one trip. Maybe she has cancer or HIV or something serious and bought drugs. Otherwise, I have no idea.

The guy on the other end of the phone at the cable company, where I do not have an account, but apparently spent $494 over the weekend, just told me that two years ago, he fell victim to a Nigerian banking scam for $20,000.

I can't decide if that was a joke or not. But, I mean, I guess someone has to buy it or we wouldn't still be getting the e mails.

So, the good news is that I have a job that allows me to say "I have to leave now" and then just actually leave. The good news is that my rent is paid and I have cash. The good news is that my car is full of gas, my bills are current and we just bought groceries. I can spare some cash while this gets straightened out. The good news is that I caught this before any of it actually went through to my checking account.

I haven't looked at my credit report yet. I might not feel so sunny after that.

posted by mary ann 11:57 AM