{ Friday, December 16, 2005 }
I'm sitting in my apartment in the dark at two am wrapped up in my grandmother's gray cardigan listening to Ani Difranco sing "Dilate". I am also chain smoking. Clearly, this is not going to improve my mood. (Also, clearly, I've changed the date on this so it'll count for another day's post on Holidailies.)

The good news is that even in this state, complete with half a bottle of champagne for good measure, I can still type pretty well. I think that counts as a marketable skill, but I won't add dark mid-night drunken self-absorbed typing to my resume.

If anyone is at all interested, the potluck came off well and several people told me that they liked my lasagna. That brings the score for The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook to approximately 1,000.

Really, score one for a tomato sauce that uses copious amounts of chili powder and paprika. Someone suggested that the sauce would make a nice base for a spicey tortellini soup. So, clearly, people were actually eating it. (And back when I ate real chili, I only liked the Cincinnati kind with the cocoa in it. Seasoning is tricky that way.)

So, it was the first regular meal with soy substitutes that some of my coworkers had eaten and most people seemed to like it!

Steady and my one year anniversary is on Sunday. I suspect it's gonna be pretty low key. I haven't planned anything beyond an exchanging of Christmas gifts. It has been suggested that perhaps Steady has some sort of date thing planned, but this was suggested by someone who doesn't live with him. I'm pretty sure there will be nothing fancy about the event.

I have not purchased any of these gifts yet. I know what I am shopping for; I just can't buy gifts in advance because I have never managed to hold on to a suprise in my life. Ask my mom. She'll tell you that if I had a gift for you in hand, I would be challenged to not give it to you within the first five minutes of the next time I see you.

Anyone who's ever seen me cook will be shocked to hear that tonight it was only through sheer luck that I did not chop off one of my fingers while making dinner. But I only cut myself a little bit and I didn't bleed on the food at all (this is thanks to my boyfriend who showed up with a bandaid right as I was noticing that I chopped my finger as well as the potatoes).

And now I am just babbling because I don't have anything better to do at two thirty in the morning when I am just not feeling like climbing into bed yet...

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