{ Wednesday, November 02, 2005 }

Things that Suck

I have now oficially been missing my keys for twenty-four hours. I have a spare car key and fortunately my work keys are seperate, but I do not have my magical clicker for entry to my apartment complex and my garage and my building. And I have to leave for work when Steady does and then work until I am confident I won't beat him home.

The keys were last seen on Saturday. We went shopping, a trip involving IKEA (and now there's a giant cardboard box containing a television stand occupying most of the kitchen floor), and we unloaded the car and then I went back downstairs and I moved my car to its spot in the garage and I have no idea what happened to my keys after that.

They are not: in my purse, in the kitchen, on the porch, in either bathroom, in the pantry or the fridge, lost in a couch, under a couch, in the pants I was wearing, on the steps, in the laundry hamper, on the counters or the tables, in my still-partially-packed suitcase from JournalCon or anywhere else I can think of.

Oooh! I just thought of another place I can look... I haven't moved the kitchen chairs and looked under them.

I had a dentist's appointment at seven this morning. I was only ten minutes late. I'm as impressed by that as you are. Prolly more so, actually. My cell phone alarm went off in the middle of the exam; it was trying to let me and Steady know it's time for him to shower and for me to get up and feed the cat and water the plants and make the lunches.

I passed. I didn't even get a lecture about flossing. And now I don't have to go back for two whole months. Two months without the dentist is a pretty big treat for me.

Have I mentioned that I might as well be sound asleep right now? Because that is true. I went to bed at something like one in the morning, and I have a cold and all that virus fighting my body is doing is quite exhausting, and I had to leave my apartment at 6:20 this morning, approximately two hours and twenty minutes earlier than normal... I sucked down a Coke right after my appointment in hopes of waking up, but I'm already starting to think I need a cup of coffee.

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