{ Sunday, November 06, 2005 }

Dinner Party

Today Steady's family came over for the first time since we moved in together. We spent basically the entire weekend cleaning. I made a vegetarian lasagna for his mother, step father, and grandparents, complete with tofu. And wine. There was also a handle of Chianti.

It was a complete success. I had Republicans into my home and served them dinner and it was not a disaster.

Except that I think they might be riding home in the car right now wondering if, at some point in my short life, I have ever been a lesbian (the answer is no). You know, with the cat and the tofu and the vegetables on the blacony and the Goddess Dressing (everyone liked Goddess Dressing, thankfully. They all seemed hesitant to try it, but there were seconds happily accepted.) oh, and the entire shelf of feminist books.

When his grandfather commented, as slyly as possible, without saying the titles, about books like cunt, Bitch, and Slut!, Steady quietly told me that he had considered suggesting that I move those away from eye level... and then his grandmother asked what on Earth these titles could possibly be and the grandfather spelled them out rather than saying the words and... well, she was a bit shocked.

I will say that, in spite of many glasses of wine, I managed to play along and not say "cunt" outloud. After someone else asked about one of the "Inner Bitch" books, I then did say the word bitch. But I waited for someone else to do it first to make sure no one would gasp.

Everyone liked my lasagna. Steady says that the simple fact that it did not contain meat and his stepfather ate all of his anyway was the highest compliment I could receive... And no one said anything about the stemless wineglasses. (I tend to knock over the ones with stems. So, I bought stemless.) And the cat only bit Steady's mother's feet and no one else's (you can't exactly warn someone when they accept an invitation that if you wear sandals into the house the cat will try to eat your feet.) and he stopped the second I asked him to...

So, we had Steady's family over for dinner and it was a raging success.

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