{ Tuesday, October 11, 2005 }

No One Is Good At Mornings

This weekend Steady and I failed to go to the grocery store. So, this morning we were officially out of most of the things that go into his lunches. I hopped out of bed and drove to the grocery without brushing my teeth or touching my hair or any of that.

The grocery store is not close by. That's sort of the bitch of living both basically in downtown and also basically in a rather large park. Groceries, cigarettes, &c are not near by.

I skipped stopping at McDonalds for breakfast (which is the big plus for me of running to the grocery before work) or at Starbucks (of which I passed several, including the one inside the grocery) for coffee or even just at the soda machine in the parking garage for a drink.

I called as I was nearing the apartment and it was almost time for him to go to work. And I got attitude about how he should just leave without his lunch. Fortunately that lasted about fifteen seconds before he realized that I might kill him if he did so.

He agreed to put together what parts of his lunch we had and then wait for me for the rest. I'm not sure why, if he was in such a hurry, he hadn't already packed up what he could to save time, but once I suggested that, he agreed to do it and when I got upstairs it was mostly done.

My boyfriend is really cranky when he's hungry and also he hates being late. Mostly I just wanted to vent about it a little bit.

By the way, during my running around this morning... there was an actual CHILL in the air. It is way way exciting. Due to the lack of boiling hot temperatures (it's only gonna be, like, 85*F outside today), I did a bunch of gardening on Saturday.

In this one, you can see tomatoes, carrots (that tuft in the center of the big pot, we'll see how THAT work out for me), green beans (not looking so great), basil, marigolds, the asparagus fern, and the geranium. As well as the polluted sky.


And in this one we have both pots of tomatoes (normal and cherry sized, staked up in the back), the green peppers (they still look cramped in their bigger pot), the green beans (still not looking so great), the basil (it's having some issues with standing up straight, but I just don't know that I am supposed to stake herbs), some sort of palm-type plant that Em and I bought at the grocery in January, the asparagus fern and the flowers.


By the way,as soon as I looked at those photos I went out and deadheaded those green beans.

Edited to add: Steady sent me an email just now... it says "Thanks for getting my lunch today. I'm sorry I was cranky."

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