{ Tuesday, September 13, 2005 }

Thursday Afternoon

"Guess what happened to me on the way home."


"I got pulled over."

"Did you get a ticket?"

"Of course I got a ticket."

"Did you cry?"

"No. There was no point. This was an obvious one. I deserve the ticket."

"How fast were you driving?"

"Not a speeding ticket."

"What was the ticket for?"


"You threw a cigarette butt out the window."


"Where'd you park the car?"

"The car was moving at the time."

"I have no idea..."

"Guess! What do you know that's obviously wrong with my car?"

"The headlight?"

"No. It wasn't dark outside."

"The broken turn signal?"

"No. Keep trying."

"The big dent in the side?"

"They did not suspect me of a hit and run. Come on! What do you know is wrong with my car?"

"I don't know. I give up."

"The expired Kentucky plates."

"Oh. Those."

posted by mary ann 8:48 AM