{ Tuesday, September 20, 2005 }

Climbing the Walls.

Yesterday I spent my entire day at the tire place, getting a damned new tire. I told my story to every single person in the store who would listen to me (workers and other customers). I'm tired of thinking about it now.

I bought a cat tree recently. For Monster's birthday. It's six feet tall and should really encourage the sort of activity that might help him weigh less than twenty-two pounds soon.

But the cat didn't really get it. I mean, as soon as Steady and I heaved it into the apartment, he recognized the covered second level as the Ideal Cat Napping and Territory Surveying Location. He just wouldn't go all the way up the tree.

Sunday night, while Steady was in the other room, I decided to set a good example for the cat. He was hanging out on his other piece of cat furniture, a simple carpetted pedastool next to the window. So, I got his attention and then I climbed the cat tree. It's really a very solid tower with very conveinent steps for climbing...

Well, I inspired him. He came running over and immediately began trying to kill me for sitting in HIS tree.

And so, here is a picture of me (and the cat) hanging out six feet in the air.

playing on the tree.

Except, now I couldn't get down, because I needed that shelf where the was standing. Steady emerged (obviously) and took some pictures. And he asked a lot of questions about how I came to be treed by the cat, one of which was "Are you stupid?"

Eventually, Steady held the cat tree while I climbed down around the cat. I haven't seen the cat jump up there again, but I am hoping he's learned what it's for...

Last night we drove out to where it's dark enough to see stars. We were standing at a scenic pull off on the side of the road when Steady told me that that noise we were hearing was a rattlesnake. I thought he just wanted to scare me. Then I heard it again.

I totally Lost My Shit and climbed into the car on the driver's side because I didn't want to get any closer to the edge of the road. Then I continued freaking out about it for five or ten more miles. Steady? My nice boyfriend whom I refer to as The Safety Police? Thought this was a hilarious over reaction.

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