{ Monday, August 22, 2005 }

Nice Weekend

The weekend was very nice. We hung out in the room Friday night and had a little bread, cheese and fruit feast.

Saturday morning, we purchased a driving tour of Sedona. It started out pretty firmly grounded, even if track number 3 was about energy voteces. We dutifully drove from place to place listening to the CD... we even got out of the car and walked around a few times. By the end of the CD, it had veered off into completely New Age and we were giggling quite a bit as we were instructed to reflect on the power of the energy of Sedona and ourselves.

When we finished the driving tour (it took several hours), we went back to the room and hung out for awhile. Then Steady declared that he was hungry. He poked his head outside and saw an Italian restaurant across the street. Great.

We walked over there, and as soon as we opened the door, the smell hit me. It smelled gross. I smoke. I'm not even supposed to be able to smell things. It smelled gross.

At one point, after I'd finished poking at my salad (it was... slimy and wilted and covered in this shredded cheese that was warm and limp.), but before the food came, the woman who had seated us, who clearly was in charge (I think she owned the place), came over to the table, picked up my fork and knife and held them up on the table, you know, like a cartoon of someone waiting eagerly for their food, and bounced them up and down a couple times while making a strange face. Silently. I can only imagine the way I must have glared at her.

Our food finally came. I ordered cheese ravioli with marinara sauce... The ravioli were undercooked. Now, I like my pasta frighteningly limp, which I understand is not the way that pasta is supposed to be cooked. So, I made Steady try it. It was undercooked, but somehow the cheese inside had turned mushy.

The sauce seemed to be tomato paste with two cups of sugar added. It was super icky.

So, dinner was a giant disaster from my end. Steady tried to tell me it wasn't so awful, later he admitted that it was, but that he was just trying to make the best of it and cheer me up. Fortunately, I hadn't been hungry when we arrived at dinner.

Clearly, the place is only in business because they're on the main highway near lots of hotels and uneducated tourists, like ourselves, diner there once.

We ended up going straight home Sunday morning and having a nice, lazy day to finish off the weekend. We really did have fun...

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