{ Monday, August 15, 2005 }

Much Better, Thanks.

I am feeling much better, thanks. I was in a pretty bad way most of the day... Clearly. I mean, I wrote a haiku about how hungover I was. Actually I wrote several, but I only chose to share the best one. I spent most of the day trying to count the syllables in my thoughts of misery. Counting to seven was about as much as I could handle.

I accidentally got on the completely wrong freeway on my way home from work because somehow I thought that I heard my car backfiring over the din of Ani, and that confused me and suddenly I was headed in the opposite direction from home, if you're wondering specifically how poorly I was functioning today.

I made it home from work and found pajama pants and Steady made me a vegetarian pot pie and I have, so far, digested it and I finished the fluffy, fluffy novel I was reading and I am much better now.

What happened? I went out on a Sunday night and drank approximately one half gallon of gin and tonic (there was also ice) and somehow got tangled up in some lengthy discussion about the bleakness of existence. (My take: "Not that bleak.")

I think I would have been okay if we'd skipped the philosophy. Naturally, I couldn't let it go once it started though.

Right now the boyfriend is sleeping on the futon in the other room, apparently he dozed off while listening to Al Franken, and the cat is sleeping in his little cat furniture tower window seat thing on the other side of the room looking for all the world like he didn't spend two hours this evening attempting to kill my arms and legs and is actually the most adorable giant cat around.

I think it's time for me to follow their lead. I'm gonna try to make it to the bed first...

posted by mary ann 10:33 PM