{ Thursday, August 04, 2005 }
Good morning!

It rained Tuesday night. Steady and I went out to dinner and when we left it was pouring down buckets of rain. We got home cold and wet. The entire apartment shook from the thunder. It was crazy. It was still sprinkling yesterday morning when I got to work.

The entire office smelled of wet dog. I had a paranoid moment and asked someone standing near me "Do I smell like a wet dog? You'd tell me if I smelled like a wet dog right?" and she said no, that it was the office that reeked, not me.

So, that was pretty exciting. Today, it's once more sunny and warm.

The plants are just shooting up. The lettuce is almost too close together to figure out how to seperate it. I don't want to just pull some of them so the remaining ones will have a better shot at growing up big. I want to move them so they all have a chance.

This is what it looked like two minutes ago over there in my vegetable garden.


First, though, I have to remove the green beans. They are going to reach critical mass in their third of the pot really soon.

The mint and the green peppers have sprouted. The catnip (last thing planted) has not.

I did take Kitty's suggestion and feed the monster some cat grass. He liked it very much and yesterday morning I caught him munching on it. So, that's good because it's already longer than people let grass get in their yard...

Six days ago, the plants looked like this:

morning two

What else is going on around here? Uh... let's see. I got up early this morning and went to the grocery store before Steady left for work because we blew it off on Sunday and we were out of nearly everything that goes into his lunches (baby carrots, CLIF bars, juice, jelly, peanut butter, bread and bananas. We had baby spinach. And clearly, my boyfriend is not going hungry... That's a lot of food.) I also got to stop at McDonald's and get myself breakfast which is always very exciting for me.

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