{ Sunday, July 17, 2005 }


Hi there. So, it has recently come to my attention that I don't say very many nice things about my boyfriend. It's always "and then we yelled a lot"... So, let's just all agree that no one wants to read "and then we sat on the couch going 'you're cute' 'well, you're super cute'...", because that's not really entertaining. But mostly, it's the latter around here. The yelling times make the better stories is all.

What did we do this weekend? Well, first we saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and it was soooo good. That along with some (veggie) burgers and onion rings and a shared smoothie was Friday night.

Saturday I was in Walgreen's and happened upon a copy of the new Harry Potter book so then I had to read that. Also soooo good. At the end I was shaking and crying. It was really almost too much. I wanted to put the book down and take a break before I was completely overwhelmed, but I didn't want it to stop. So, I finished.

I did take one break though so Steady and I could walk down to the lake and rent a pedal boat for an hour. We had a lot of fun paddling around the lake.

Today was pretty uneventful. Grocery store, Steady's grandparents' house, a whole lot of sitting around. I had to unwind from the Harry Potter book. I think I had a little post-traumatic stress disorder.

Something funny for you. Yesterday in the car:

Steady: On gmail, when I send you an e mail and you write back, in the from line, it says 'mary, me'

mary: That's funny.

Steady: Yeah I had a little moment. It just wasn't something I was expecting.

mary: You thought I was being clever?

Steady: I don't know what I thought. I figured it out really fast. But I did have a little shock.

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