{ Thursday, June 02, 2005 }

Still going.

I have now had two of the pain pills (one at each dosing time, as directed. I am very fond of my liver...) They seem to cause a remarkable reduction in trembling, shuffling along in circles while wringing my hands, and screaming, crying fits. They also make me dizzy.

I'm still in too much pain to tell you if it was more pain before the drugs kicked in.

Things I have tried (and if you think I am coding a list under these circumstances, you're so mistaken):

ice - outside my cheek - mostly just made me painfully cold.

ice - against my gums - great for the gum pain, bad for the bite problem (which does cause more pain than what's going on in my mouth). attempting to make ice chips out of it caused such a racket I was worried about the neighbors.

ambesol - maximum strength. It says to put a small amount on the area. I've been squeezing the bottle liberally all over that whole side of my mouth. It's kinda distracting, in that it makes me drool on myself, but it doesn't seem to decrease the pain.

aspirin - as directed. Used to be a charm. Now has no effect.

aspirin - in large quantities alongside alcohol - works great. However, cannot go to work, operate a car, or really even walk much once I've done that. Also, worried about my liver.

vic0din - as prescribed - see above.

self diagnosis - it looks normal in the make-up mirror. However in an effort to see the top, inside, back of my mouth, I used a lighter to... you know... provide light. Some hair went up. However, seeing that it looked normal did make me feel better.

salt water rinses - I keep doing them, although I'm not sure I've accomplished anything.

listerine - same as the salt water.

brush and floss - I almost fell asleep with my Sonicare in my mouth last night. It's a wonderful thing the way it dulls the pain (yesterday it removed it. Today, it dulls), but I think I might be brushing more than is necessary or healthy. Same with floss. I can't get it out of my head that surely if I just get it clean enough it'll feel better.

see a dentist - three times in two weeks, with another appointment on Monday. He doesn't have office hours tomorrow, and I think I might have to see another one, because those pills are doing me no good.

Okay, so, tomorrow I get the prescribed antibiotics (tonight I'm too drugged to drive and Steady is already asleep). Hopefully, I wake up feeling just so much better and head right off to work.

Does anyone have any other ideas about what I could be doing to help myself here?? Seriously, I'll try anything that sounds reasonable.

posted by mary ann 11:37 PM